The Anglo-Danish Society

Diversity of Past Awards


2007/08 PhD Philosophy   Oxford
2007/08 MA Islamic Law SOAS, Univ. of London
2007/08 PhD Flood Risk Management Oxford
2007/08 MA Design Studies Central St Martin's
2008/09 PhD Dev.Studies SOAS, Univ. of London
2008/09 DPhil Theology Oxford
2008/09 PhD Physical Geography Hull
2008/09 D.Phil Pharmacology Copenhagen
2008/09 Master of Fine Art Slade School of Arts
2008/09 PhD Informatics Edinburgh
2008/09 Conservation/Restauration Hamilton Kerr Institute
2008/09 MSc Optics Heriot Watt 
2009/10 MPhil Medical Sciences - Oncology Cambridge
2009/10 Post Doc. Theor.High Energy Physics Oxford
2009/10 PhD Medical Research Copenhagen
2009/10 MSc Theoretical Linguistics Edinburgh
2009/10 PhD Philosophy St. Andrews
2009/10 PhD International Relations (The Nordic Peace) LSE
2009/10 MSc IT Product Design University of Southern Denmark
2010/11 PhD Research (Offshoring & Outsourcing, Strategic Management & engineering Cambridge
2010/11 MSc Chemical Engineering  Strathclyde
2010/11 MA Printed Textiles Royal College of Art
2010/11 MPhil/Phd Communicative Counterinsurgency LSE
2010/11 Adv. Postgrad. Diploma (Cello) Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen
2011/12 MArch Architecture Royal Danish Academy KADK
2011/12 Financial Mathematics LSE
2011/12 MSc Development Studies SOAS
2011/12 MPhil Politics (Comparative government) Oxford
2011/12 MA Documentary Direction National Film and Television School
2011/12 DPhil Politics (Election Fraud) Oxford
2011/12 PhD Chemistry (Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction and Evolution) Oxford
2012/13 PhD Sociology of Space Bartlett, UCL
2012/13 MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences Copenhagen
2012/13 LL.M Law King's College, London
2012/13 PhD Philosophy Oxford
2012/13 PhD Stem Cell Research Copenhagen
2012/13 MPhil Modern  Middle Eastern Studies Oxford
2012/13 MMus (Performance - trumpet) Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus
2012/13 MArch  Architecture Royal Danish Academy KADK
2013-14 PhD Advanced Architectural Studies Bartlett, UCL
2013-14 PhD Anthropology SOAS, Univ. of London
2013-14 PhD Mathematics/Geometry Cambridge
2013-14 MSc Medical Science Cambridge
2013-14 Postgrad. Diploma (Conducting) Royal Danish Academy of Music, Cph
2013-14 PhD Glaciology Niels Bohr Institute, Cph
2013-14 DPhil Structural Biology Oxford
2014-15 DPhil Marine Biology Oxford
2014-15 MSc Chemoinformatics and Bioinformatics in Drug Design Wolfson Inst. UCL
2014-15 PhD Psychology King's College London
2014-15 MPhil Development Studies Cambridge
2014-15 MSc Comparative & International Education Oxford
2014-15 PhD Linguistics (Danish, German, EU studies) Edinburgh
2014-15 PhD Built Environment, Urbanism Cambridge
2014-15 M.Mus (Vocal Studies - Soprano) Royal Conservatoire, Scotland
2015-16 DPhil Anthropology Oxford
2015-16 Adv.Postgrad.Diploma (Composition) Royal Danish Academy of Music, Cph
2015-16 MA Service Design Royal College of Art
2015-16 PhD Cognitive Neuroscience University College London
2015-16 Joint PhD Physics - Astrophysics York/Aarhus Universities
2015-16 PhD Biological Physics Cambridge
2015-16 DPhil Molecular Biomedicine Oxford
2015-16 PhD Socio-Legal Theory (EU - Democracy Deficit) LSE
2016-17 MSc Business Administration and Bioentrepreneurship Copenhagen and CBS
2016-17 DPhil Experimental Studies of Matter/Antimatter Asymmetry at the LHCb Oxford/CERN,Geneva
2016-17 PhD Social Anthropology Cambridge/Aarhus Univ. Hospital
2016-17 PhD History (Domesticating the Sumerians in Mandate Iraq) UCL/British Museum
2016-17 MA Directing Fiction National Film and Television School
2016-17 PhD Marine Fisheries Ecology DTU Aqua
2016-17 PhD War Studies King's College London
2016-17 MA Migration and Diaspora Studies with Intensive Arabic Language SOAS, Univ. of London
2016-17 PhD Architecture (Dwellscape) Royal Danish Academy KADK
2017-18 DPhil Social Anthropology Cambridge
2017-18 MArch Architecture Royal Danish Academy KADK
2017-18 MA Directing Fiction NFTS
2017-18 MSc Climate Change Copenhagen
2017-18 DPhil Organic Chemistry Oxford
2017-18 PhD Public Health and Policy London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
2017-18 PhD Wind Power Forecasting Strathclyde/DTU
2017-18 DPhil Philosophy (Altruism & Trust) Oxford
2017-18 DPhil Theology (Kierkegaard/Martensen Oxford
2017-18 MA Vocal Studies, classical singing and performance Guildhall School of Music and Drama
2017-18 MSc African Studies LSE
2018-19 MArch Urbanism & Societal Change Royal Danish Academy KADK
2018-19 MA Directing Fiction NFTS
2018-19 PhD Infection, Immunity & Inflammation Cambridge
2018-19 PhD Social Anthropology (Robotics) Manchester
2018-19 MA Writing for Performance Goldsmiths
2018-19 MMus Composition Royal Danish Academy of Music, Cph
2018-19 PhD Experimental Particle Physics Edinburgh
2018-19 DPhil Statistics (Probability Theory) Oxford
2018-19 MSc Quantum Physics Copenhagen
2019-20 MSc Cold Climate Engrng DTU/Svalbard
2019-20 MMus Composition Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus
2019-20 MA Screenwriting NFTS
2019-20 PhD Immunology Cambridge
2019-20 PhD Fisheries Ecology DTU/Aqua
2019-20 MMus (Performance - violin) Royal College of Music
2019-20 PhD Nanoscience Cambridge
2019-20 MPhil Neuroscience Cambridge
2019-20 MSc Biology  Copenhagen
2020-21 MArch Architecture Bartlett, UCL
2020-21 MMus (French Horn) Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus
2020-21 MPhil Economics Cambridge
2020-21 PhD Medical Sciences Cambridge
2020-21 PhD Medicine/Rheumatology Manchester
2020-21 MA Comparative Literature Copenhagen
2020-21 MRes Life Sciences & Medicine King's College London
2020-21 MPhil Textile Conservation Glasgow
2020-21 PhD British Art Novels University College London
2020-21 MPhil Machine Learning & Machine Intelligence Cambridge