The Anglo-Danish Society

Guidance for Applicants

1. The only application documents to be completed/provided are the application form itself, the budget form and two recent references in English. If any other papers are added it may result in the application being rejected. This also applies to any applications received after 1st March 2024 (or 30 June 2024 for the William Charnley Anglo-Danish Scholarship).


2. There are no restrictions as to the subject of study* (other than as specified for the Ove Arup Foundation Award and the William Charnley Anglo-Danish Scholarship, respectively), but applications for projects meeting either one or more of the following criteria will be favoured:

a) making use of specific educational opportunities existing between Denmark and the UK

b) contributing to cultural interchange between Denmark and the UK

c) having relevance to current issues in either or both countries.


3. In addition to 2a) above, we will favour applicants whose statement makes clear why their choice of University/College offers particular advantages for their subject or circumstances.


4. While we invite applications from British graduates for postgraduate study in Denmark, and from Danish graduates for postgraduate study in the UK no other personal characteristics or  circumstances will enter into the selection procedure.

The requirement for a budget is to ensure that costs have been estimated realistically and that the applicant has a plan as to how they might be covered.


5. Applicants will be assessed on how they express, in lay terms and adequate English, the purpose of their proposed project, how it fits in with their own academic trajectory and why they consider it worthy of support.


6. Any application for a period of study shorter than a full academic year will need to justify how it fits in with a broader academic aim. 


7. Applicants are asked to keep the Society informed of any change of address/telephone number/e-mail.


8. The Society should be informed immediately, should an applicant decide not to proceed with the course of study.


*  Recent awards have been made for subjects as diverse as music, architecture, engineering, energy conservation, fine art, design, medical sciences, international relations/development studies, and social anthropology. See the list of past awards here