The Anglo-Danish Society


Tammes Bernstein is a Danish filmmaker who has won a highly-contested place to study Directing Fiction, one of the MA programmes at the UK’s National Film and Television School. Tammes has previously studied the craft of filmmaking at the Copenhagen Film and Photo School. His graduation film, Jazz, has been featured at several international film festivals, including Be Epic! London International Film Festival 2017, where it won three awards. Tammes has also made a second short film, Rock Stars, as well as music videos for Danish bands. Previously, he has worked as an Art Director in Paris, and has had a role in programming the Copenhagen Short Film Festival.

Liane Dupont is a Danish scientist undertaking a PhD in Infection, Immunity and Inflammation at the University of Cambridge, supported by the Wellcome Trust. She already holds a BSc in Molecular Biomedicine from the University of Copenhagen, during which she spent a year as an exchange student at University College London, and a Master of Research from the Cambridge Institute of Medical Research. Liane’s research focuses on one of the major global health threats: HIV. By investigating the mechanisms of a particular protein, Vpr, she hopes to understand the early stages of HIV infection and contribute to the development of novel therapeutics. As a scientist, Liane is described by her referees as “outstanding” and “a star”. Ultimately, Liane aims to return to Denmark to pursue an academic career in the field of infection research.

Kristian Hoeck is currently undertaking a PhD in Social Anthropology with Visual Media at the University of Manchester. The focus of his research is humanoid robots: the increasing presence of robots in industry and in our collective imagination has sparked public debate on what it means to be human, and what role robots should play in society. The fast development of the field of robotics makes it very likely that these new technological beings will, as Kristian puts it, “come to influence our social lives considerably in the not so distant future”. As part of his PhD project, Kristian will be spending fourteen months in Japan, at the world-leading Intelligent Robotics Laboratory. Kristian is also an ethnographic filmmaker who has directed several documentary videos for DANIDA and for Danish research institutes.