The Anglo-Danish Society

Centenary Logo Design Competition

Centenary Celebrations – And you could be the lucky winner of two tickets

The Anglo-Danish Society was founded in December 1924 and consequently, our centenary is coming up next year. We intend to celebrate in style and we have already booked Drapers’ Hall for a gala dinner, which will serve as our main Centenary Celebration, on Friday 6th December 2024.

We intend 2024 to be a year of celebrations and in order to kick these off, we are launching a centenary logo competition. 

We would like you to get creative and start thinking about what a new centenary logo for 2024 could possibly look like. We envisage using the new logo during 2024 on various communications, programmes, menus and the like. It will have to pay tribute to both Denmark and the UK, so it might perhaps include the colours of our flags, various symbols of our two countries, cultural references or something to do with 100 or the letter ‘C’ for centenary.  

If you wish to take part in our logo competition, please bear the following points in mind when sketching the new logo: 

-        Keep it simple

-        Use only one font

-        Keep it balanced by keeping the ‘weight’ of the graphics, colours and size equal on each side

-        Don’t use colours that are so bright that they’re hard on the eyes

-        The logo must also look good in black and white. 

The prize for submitting the winning entry will be two tickets for the Centenary Gala on Friday, 6th December 2024. 

The Council of the Society will select the winning entry and own all the rights to the logo in perpetuity once the winning entry has been selected. This means that if, for instance, we decide to amend the winning entry slightly in order to enhance the new logo for our purposes, the Council will be able to make such amendments or adjustments without asking for permission. 

Any entries for this competition should be e-mailed to Lone Mohr Curtis via by 31st December 2023. 

We cannot wait to see your new centenary logo suggestions.

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