The Anglo-Danish Society

Winner of the Danish Embassy's 10th Anniversary Art Prize

When: from 27 March 2019 to March 2020

Where: Displayed at The Danish Embassy, 55 Sloane Street, London

This year's Danish Embassy Art Prize has been awarded to Josephine Winther, a graduate of The Royal College of Art, Moving Images (2018) and her project Let the Sunshine in.

Josephine Winter puts the following words to her project:
"Let the Sunshine in experiments with light, sunlight, fake vs natural and how our perception can be tricked. I will be editing sunlight into photos taken in spaces where no sunlight ever goes. On a first look, it will look like an interior where the sun is shining in and creating light spots, but looking closer it becomes obvious that the sunlight is artificial."

Let the Sunshine in will be exhibited at the embassy from 27 March and can be viewed by prior appointment.

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