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Viking excavations in Repton, Derbyshire 4-22 June 2018

When: 4 - 22 June 2018

Where: Repton, Derbyshire

In search of the Viking Great Army
Excavations in Repton 4-22 June 2018
The Viking Great Army played a pivotal part in shaping England in the late 9th century AD. But despite textual sources attesting to this, physical evidence for this force and its impact on the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms has been virtually non-existent. One of the only known and excavated Viking camp in England is in Repton, Derbyshire, where excavations uncovered a defensive enclosure and Viking graves in the 1970s and 80s. Recently, Cat Jarman’s forensic investigations have helped prove the presence of the Viking Great Army at this site.
This June, a team led by directors Dr Cat Jarman and Prof Mark Horton (University of Bristol) will continue excavations in Repton to uncover more evidence for the Repton Viking camp. We will also investigate the surrounding Derbyshire countryside to find more traces of this elusive Viking force, using state-of-the-art techniques such as Ground Penetrating Radar and drone surveys. Our new and exciting research is demonstrating that the Great Army used rivers and naturally defended locations in their ongoing conflicts with the Anglo-Saxons.
We are currently in discussions with several production companies and international broadcasters interested in featuring our excavations in forthcoming documentaries. A feature on the excavations is planned for a summer issue of the UK’s leading archaeology magazine, Current Archaeology. We share stills and aerial photographs and videos taken with a drone with production companies and these will also be used for future press releases, on social media, and to illustrate further magazine articles and public lectures. This will include a public lecture by Cat Jarman at the British Science Festival in September 2018.
Recent discoveries from Repton have generated considerable media interest, including articles in all the major UK newspapers in February 2018, as well as international outlets such as and National Geographic. In 2017, the excavations were featured on BBC4’s “Digging for Britain” presented by Alice Roberts. The research project will feature on an episode of Discovery channel’s ‘Unearthed’ in May 2018, and Cat’s research on the human remains from Repton was featured on a recent podcast for Dan Snow’s History Hit. A major DNA research paper on material from Repton is due for publication later in 2018, which is likely to generate considerable media attention.
Our project is entirely funded by private donations and our team of volunteers is unpaid. We are currently seeking contributions towards a goal of £3000 of additional funding. This will be spent on meals for volunteers during the excavations, essential equipment, and post-excavation costs (e.g. X-Rays and conservation of artefacts). In return, we are happy to share funders details in publicity and online, and acknowledge this in forthcoming publications and at public events. We are also happy to discuss other benefits such as private site tours with one of the directors and the use of your company’s logo on team T-shirts that will be visible on footage and photographs from the site.
For more information, please contact Dr Cat Jarman by e-mail ( or phone (077611 35625).

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