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The Onion Farm at Messums Wiltshire

When: from 9 March to 28 April 2019

Where: Messums,Place Farm, Court St, Tisbury, Salisbury SP3 6LW

Ready for an interactive experience in a beautiful setting? Danish designer Henrik Vibskov has a big upcoming installation at Messums Wiltshire: The Onion Farm. The installation was first shown at the Victoria & Albert Museum as part of London Design Festival in September 2018. The Onion Farm will be a part of the gallery's Material: Textile exhibition.

The sculpture is 26 metre long and will run the length of the medieval barn. The light, dynamic, Mikado-like structure, composed of colourful carwash brushes and red fabric onions will serve as the runway for a catwalk show headlined by designer Henrik Vibskov on 26 April 2019.

As with many of Vibskov’s installations, everyday objects are put together in a new way to give viewers a point of recognition. In this piece, fabric onions are hanging in the dark in a structure with industrial brushes to simulate the natural conditions they grow in. The brushes, with their large circles of prickly hairs, create a vibrating membrane along the structure. Visitors are invited to touch and move through it as they walk along the gallery.

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