The Anglo-Danish Society

New Chairman of The Anglo-Danish Society

Wayne Harber, OBE, K

Wayne was born in New Guinea, was educated in London and has a degree in Politics. He spent 33 years in the Army with the Queen’s Regiment, Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR) and the Royal Irish Regiment. His career covered a wide range of employment including battalion command, logistics, recruiting, officer selection and intelligence appointments, amongst others. He served in Gibraltar, England, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, South Sudan and Iraq. He retired from the Army in 2011 and spent a year as CEO of an investigations company before taking up the appointment of PWRR Regimental Secretary, retiring in January 2018. He joined the Society in 2012, was co-opted to Council in September 2017 and elected at the following AGM May 2018 before being appointed Chairman of the Council in September. 

Outgoing chairman, Christian Williams R and newly elected Chairman Wayne Harber OBE K

Christian Williams R and Margit Stæhr

At the recent council meeting two of our most faithful and hard working members decided to step down. We are enormously grateful for all the inspirational input and sheer hard work and dedication they have both shown over many years.

Farewell and thank you to our chairman Christian Williams R who has served as a brilliant ambassador for the Anglo-Danish Society and opened many doors for us through his gentle but persuasive personality.

A sad farewell also to Margit Stæhr who has revolutionised Anglo-Danish Society during the 16 years she has served us in practically every capacity.
Margit has chosen to relinquish her roles of Scholarship Secretary and Chair of the Scholarship Committee and is succeeded in those roles by Wayne Harber.

Grateful thanks to all three.

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