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Book Release - The Chestnut Man by Søren Svejstrup

When: Thursday 10 January 2019

Søren Sveistrup, the award-winning creator of the TV sensation The Killing, has a nail-biting debut thriller on the way! The Chestnut Man captures all the unrelenting tension, style and atmosphere that made The Killing unmissable viewing and amass legions of fans worldwide.

Rosa Hartung is returning to her job as minister for social affairs following a year's leave of absence - granted after the dramatic disappearance of her twelve-year-old daughter. On the same day Rosa returns to Parliament, a young single mother is found brutally murdered - one of her hands has been cut off. Thulin and Hess, the detectives sent to investigate, arrive to find a figure made of chestnuts hanging from a playhouse nearby.

When yet another woman is murdered - this time with both hands missing - and another chestnut figure is found, Thulin and Hess begin to suspect a connection. But what is it?

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